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In the Information Age, it is not always necessary to know the answer but rather where or how to find it. This site serves as a repository for answers to IT and security-related problems I’ve encountered in the hope that someone, somewhere might benefit my efforts.

Topics could include information security, desktop, server and network administration, project management, change management and enterprise architecture.


My name is Yousef Alahmad (pronounced “You-sef El ‘Ahmed”), I solve problems.

Growing up in rural Missouri, we didn’t have a lot of money. If something stopped working, you had to fix it or do without; I learned to fix things. This taught me to appreciate and get the most out of resources I was responsible for – to take ownership of problems I encountered and to focus on results rather than tasks. I’ve found these lessons to be universally applicable and helpful anywhere in the world I’ve lived and worked – they continue to serve me well today.

My current interests are vulnerability assessment, threat modeling and penetration testing.

This blog represents my own thoughts and opinions, and not those of my employer.